Blog Neglect!!

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since it has been a little under a month i felt it necessary to report back to my blog!  I have manage to Start structuring my C.V course in the past thew weeks and also complete many MYGUIDE courses. i have also taken pictures of and help to setup a library event at a local bar/ hotel where we had Brian Patten come in and read poetry written by himself to around 100 people! so i have been busy but never the less i should always find time for my blog! back soon  kriss


Todays Wi-Fi Mission…

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Today I have been all around Totnes looking for places that offer a free wi-fi service and/or computer access.

So far I have 6 places where people can go to use the internet but i hope to discover more by the end of the day so I can use the information to create a leaflet that i can leave in a few places around the town to advertise these services.

The reason for my interest in this is because of the C.V building course/project I have been allocated.  I have been informed my numerous people in Totnes that there are not enough places to use a computer in the town! that’s why I am hoping to prove them wrong so they can all have a place to go where they are comfortable using a computer.

wish me luck

C.V Course letter. Draft 1

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Hello everybody i am back here to day to update my blog with the first draft of my handout that will distrabuted with the C.V bulding course that i am working on for Devon and Cornwall Libraries. i would love some feedback so i can get and idea of how this will work, please read on and comment with any suggestions atall. thankyou…

C.V course Booking list / you will need!

Welcome to Totnes Libraries Curriculum vitae (C.V) writing course. The course will last just 45 minutes and in that time you should hopefully have completed a basic C.V that you can adapt or to use to find work!

To make sure you will be able to complete the C.V building course efficiently you must have some basic I.T skills behind you. If you feel that your skills are not up to scratch, don’t worry! You will just need to complete a few basic it short course’s using the libraries “MyGuide” service and you will be well on your way to creating your Curriculum vitae!

You will also need to remember to have a brief Idea on what you would like to include in your C.V. You are going to want to cover your past and recent work history and an understanding of your educational qualifications. You also want to include a bit about yourself, hobbies and interest or anything at all you think is relevant, this could be anything from football to playing music!

When you come along to your booked session the main thing to remember is yourself and of course your library card. You may also want to bring a pad of paper for any notes you would like to take of your own.

The courses will be available between October 18th and the 22nd, we look forward to seeing you there.

Kind Regards

Totnes Library

I look forward to all your input!


Welcome to my Blogg!!

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Hello everyone that has nothing to do, or the time to waste following my blogg! i am new to blogging but generaly know wat i’m doing on a computer. the reason i innitialy created this blog is because of  the Devon librarys “23 things” ( )  challenge, wish me luck as i make way through the task of the 23 things….

Thanks for reading